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Aimee Barreto

Aimee Barreto is an experienced contractor from Odenton, Maryland. For over twenty years, she has dedicated her time and resources to bettering herself so she can work to the fullest potential in her professional life. She is knowledgeable in financial management, contract management, task management, and business development. 

As a professional, Aimee Barreto excels at the work that she does. She is well-versed in accounting and keeping track of financial reporting, analyzing financial variances in forecasting, and handling employee payrolls. She has excellent communication skills and can manage negotiations of government contracts well, thanks to them. Likewise, Aimee does well with numbers, keeping track of budgets, and making sure that adequate funds are available to those who need them.

Latest from the Blog

CNLP 561: Andy and Stacie Wood on Following Rick Warren, The Detailed Breakdown on How the Saddleback Succession Happened, How to Navigate the Grief and Promise of Transition, and Being Kicked out of the SBC

Andy Wood did what many people thought (in his own words) “only an idiot might do”—become the pastor who follows Rick Warren. Andy breaks down the details of how the surprising call to Saddleback happened, exactly what they did during the transition, and how the congregations involved navigated the grief and promise of transition. Stacie…

CNLP 560: Erwin McManus on Why the Future Belongs to Communicators, The Seven Frequencies of Communication, The Dawn of Fast Learning and What it Means for Communicators

Erwin McManus returns to the podcast to discuss why the future belongs to communicators, the seven frequencies of communication, and the dawn of fast learning and what that means for communicators and preachers. Welcome to Episode 560 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on…

How the Structure of a Church Can Help (or Hinder) Growth

It’s one thing to want to see your church grow. It’s entirely another to position your church structurally so you can accommodate growth. If you structure bigger, you can grow bigger. If you don’t, your structural constraints will stifle and hinder your growth. The structure of a church – or the leadership hierarchy and governing…

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